The Emerson Color Guard Team: Welcoming New Members


Briella Donahue, Journalist

The Emerson high school color guard team recently held an interesting meeting on June 8th of this year, inviting interested students in both the middle and high school to learn what color guard is, and how they can be involved if they choose to do so.

According to Michael Lione, the Marching Band Director of Emerson’s high school, the marching band was established in the year of 1965. It is assumed that the color guard was created around that time as well.

Color guard involves collaborating with the marching band and using props (such as flags and rifles) for the audience to visualize the music presented. This is an extracurricular activity that entails around two hours of practice, four times a week during the fall season. As well, there are a couple of practices that occur outside of the fall season for festivals.

Whether the practice season may seem lengthy, or oppositely – short, all current members agree that they enjoy being part of color guard.

Madison Ostroff, one of the captains of the color guard team, says, “Although it is a lot of work to learn and then teach, it is so worth it in the end when everything comes together…It is a strong support system.”

Those who are interested in joining the team may email Qynn Pascual, the color guard coach and one of the English teachers for high schoolers, or Isabella Hassett, a junior, and another captain of the color guard team.

The color guard team attends numerous festivals and field trips with the marching band throughout the year, which is an additional entertainment and perk of joining the team. One of the festivals that the color guard has partaken in that particularly stands out is the St. Patricks Day Parade in New York City, as well as a trip to Boston. Though the color guard did not perform, the band did. Both students and staff who went thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

This year, the color guard is excited to announce that members will have the opportunity to travel to Disney World, alongside, of course, the marching band.

The color guard welcomes everyone and can be an amazing opportunity to gain from. Whether one may have experience or not, joining the team can provide numerous learning opportunities and friendships.

Pascual says, “In my experience, color guard holds a tradition of acceptance where if you’re ever struggling to find your place, you can be sure that the color guard will be there to welcome you.”