Senior Prom 2023: A Sneak Peek!


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This photo has been selected in the interest of keeping our Cavos’ gown choices confidential.

Charlie Princing, Writer

Even if you aren’t a part of this year’s senior class, there is no doubt you’ve heard the buzz surrounding the upcoming senior prom. June 16th is the fated day, and people are growing increasingly frantic – and excited- about their preparations.

Speaking of said preparations, a large part of getting ready for a prom is choosing a dream outfit to wear. People take their senior and final prom very seriously, and therefore will often splurge on the most beautiful dress they can dream of (or settle for the most beautiful one they can find).

With that being said, it’s no doubt that people will be interested in what some of these dresses are going to look like, especially given how  they’ve been described as so extravagant and gorgeous. Well you’re in luck, as there is a designated Instagram account devoted to the prom dresses of individual senior students.

The account is run by seniors, for seniors. Members of the Class of 2023 who plan to wear a dress to their prom can submit a picture of their dress as well as their name via Direct Messaging to the official account, and within a few days their dress will be posted for all their friends to hype up in the comments section.

It’s honestly incredibly fun to check up on the account every once in a while, and do a scroll through each post, ogling every beautiful dress.

The account’s name is @ehs_promdresses2023, and is run on the social media platform Instagram.

Definitely give it a chance if you’d like to be in the loop for this years’ prom!