Instant Replay in Sports


Jacob Sanchez, Writer

In sports, instant replays have been used by officials to review footage for plays that may be incorrect or unclear. They then have the choice to decide if the original call stands, or if the play should be changed. Throughout the 21st century, this has been seen all over popular leagues in North America like the NHL, NFL, NBA and the Major League Baseball, as well as internationally throughout many European soccer leagues.

Although it has its pros and cons, I personally believe that instant replays should be used in sports. It is very important to have calls that are precise and correct to make the game more fair, especially to help ensure the rules are being regulated properly. All fans should admit that technology is needed to advance and modernize the sport in the right direction.

There have been arguments against instant replay being used in sports, mainly because it delays crucial parts of a close game. The momentum of a close match is what makes sports so exhilarating and memorable and stopping it will easily lose the enthusiasm that it contains. Instant replays can also ruin historical, legendary moments that a team has just done. For example, on August 17th 2019, Manchester City were playing Tottenham Spurs in the English Premier league. After a close game, Brazilian striker, Gabriel Jesus, scored a memorable 90th minute goal to potentially win the game for Manchester City. But, newly added VAR (Video assistant referee), canceled the goal and a great memory for Gabriel Jesus and Manchester City fans.

I believe if used correctly, instant replays for sports will become a great addition in the future. The officials’ job is to call the most precise play as possible, and with human error very common in today’s game, the use of video replaying is crucial to make sure the game is being regulated properly.