Review on Dunkin’s Refreshers


Ava Mokrzecki, Writer

Ask anyone who knows me, and they can confirm I always have a Dunkin’ drink in my hand. I have tried all of the refreshers including the coconut milk drinks, and I am here to tell you the best and worst. 


1. Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher 

Coming in undoubtedly at number one is the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher. This drink is my favorite and holds the number one spot because of its sweet and fruity flavor. On a really hot day, this is my first choice drink because it is so refreshing, light, and has the strongest fruity flavor compared to the others. If you love sweet, fruity drinks, you will love Dunkin’s Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher!


2. Pink Strawberry Coconut Milk Refresher

At number two is the Pink Strawberry Coconut Milk Refresher. This drink has the perfect amount of fruity flavor without being too sweet. The coconut milk balances out the strong strawberry flavor into a creamy, smooth beverage with the best balance of strawberry flavor and creamy coconut milk. 


3. Peach Passion Fruit Refresher

The Peach Passion Fruit Refresher is a drink similar to the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher. It has a strong peachy flavor, but is not as sweet as the Strawberry Dragonfruit beverage. It is also great for a hot day because it is so refreshing- similar to an iced tea. I would recommend this drink to anyone who likes fruity flavored iced teas that are not overpoweringly sweet. 


4. Golden Peach Coconut Milk Refresher

This drink is similar to the Peach Passionfruit Refresher, but without the passionfruit and with coconut milk. The flavor of this drink is great, as the coconut milk and peach flavors combine to create a perfect balance of sweetness that will please the palate. 


5. Blueberry Pomegranate Refresher

The Blueberry Pomegranate Refresher is a great choice for people who want a refreshing drink, but without too much sweetness or a powerful fruit flavor. The hint of blueberry is the perfect to add a light fruity flavor, and to create a deep blue/purple color. The primary reason this drink is towards the bottom of the list is simply because I believe the others are better. This drink is still great; however, it is not my personal first choice. 


6. Purple Pomegranate Coconut Milk Refresher

Lastly, is the Purple Pomegranate Coconut Milk Refresher. This drink is one I would recommend to try once, but probably not order again. I did like the combination of pomegranate and coconut milk; however, it had a slightly odd aftertaste. One bonus to this drink is the beautiful purple color, but the taste does not compare to the others.


As a Dunkin’ lover, I enjoy how quick and convenient it is to grab drinks on the go. With the hot summer weather approaching, I recommend trying one (or all!) of the Dunkin’ Donuts Refreshers!