Do Teachers put too Much Pressure on Students?


Briella Kellish, Writer

Students everywhere feel the pressure of homework and other school related tasks. Many students, including myself, at Emerson Jr. Sr. High School feels as though we have been given too much work to complete in a short amount of time. Many students participate in after school activities such as a sport, a job, or even taking care of a sibling afterschool. Because of the workload that we are given, we do not have nearly enough time to complete our daily tasks. 

I personally have cheer practice two days out of the week and one game per week, and when I am not at practice or my games I am at my job. Between working and my practices, I have no time to do all the work my teachers have assign me. Tori Hopkins, a senior at Emerson Jr. Sr. High School, states, 

“Honestly it depends on the teacher with how much work is assigned. Some teachers give a ton of work that is due and we are not given a lot of time, and as a high schooler with work and after school activities it’s sometimes hard to finish big assignments with such a short notice.”

High schoolers who have such a packed schedule barely have time to do five assignments a night. Between working a job, and being on a sports team or any other after school activity, it is hard to accommodate school work, which has such a short timeline to do it all in. Another senior at Emerson Jr. Sr High School states, 

“With extracurricular activities and the stress of the pandemic, the teachers and educators should be understanding when it comes to the workload they are giving students, and the amount of stress they are putting on students through these difficult times. They should be more understanding when students complain and are unhappy with the amount of time they are given to complete their assignments.” 

Work such as essays, projects, and other substantial assignments should not have a timeline of a week to complete. Many students prefer to work on their assignments in class when a teacher is able to physically help students. Being told to complete an essay at home in five days is almost an impossible task. Many students, including myself, get very stressed out while trying to cram all their knowledge into an essay that they only have five days to write. To a teacher five days is a full five days, but to a student with a job and extracurricular activities after school, five days is really only three or less most times. Procrastination aside, students just do not have all the time that teachers think they do. Worrying about a good grade is another aspect to the timeline. Trying to write an A+ paper, in five days is nearly impossible. 

In conclusion, students feel stressed and pressured to complete projects and homework. On top of having a job, and extracurricular activities the workload that teachers have been giving out is unfair. Students should not have to stress over cramming in assignments and projects. Teachers should be more lenient especially with an ongoing pandemic.