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The Cavo Chronicles

The student news site of EHS

The Cavo Chronicles

“Never Have I Ever” … felt like a TV show.


Farting in class, getting rejected by your crush, getting caught cheating are normal teen experiences, yet not portrayed often in films. “Never Have I Ever,” a Netflix show, depicts teenage images that are seen as taboo through dramatic storytelling from the voice of John McEnroe. 

Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Netflix’s first indian lead, is a 15-year-old girl struggling with the loss of her father and issues of high school. Through sophomore year, the audience watches her face predicaments, from choosing which boy to date to accepting her ethnicity.

The acting portrayed-through the episodes provides an analysis of how the struggle of fitting in can come from different sides. It shows the truth that the main characters are not the only ones who are important. It gives opportunities to expand on different characters’ issues, backgrounds, and the effects that they struggle with.

When  first pressing play on the four-season series,

I had never expected to come out with a new understanding of my own identity.

— Isabella Lupano

I will admit, in the first season, Devi manages to make the worst possible choice every single time. No matter what it seems like, she can never choose the responsible thing like having sex with a complete stranger in order to “accomplish the high school experience”. Yet further down the line, one watches not only her character but the supporting actors as well unfold to understand their persona more.

I truly believe that this main character has been one of the worst ones I have witnessed. She is a train wreck that cannot make a single responsible decision, let alone maintain friendships. But the worst part about that statement is I relate to her. I can understand her experiences better than myself. My father had died around the same age, so the grief process had really brushed my heart. And I know this experience may be specific, but trust me that this does not fall short of relating to every teen.

Truth be told, no one’s gonna want to admit that they understand these characters due to their poor choices and lack of intelligence in some cases, but deep down, they do. These teenagers, especially Devi, make such dumb mistakes because of one thing. That they are kids. Kids who are learning and growing up with the world changing around them. They are not gonna be perfect, but that is okay. Since neither are we.

This depiction of a teenager through each and every episode displays the topics that are not seen as something to talk about and that is the exact reason why every single one of you needs to watch it. To relate to a show like you never have before. 


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Isabella Lupano
Isabella Lupano, writer
Isabella Lupano is a junior at Emerson Junior Senior High School and a writer for The Cavo Chronicles. She participates in multiple school activities ranging from Unity Club and Spanish Club to Track and Field.  In her free time, she enjoys accompanying friends to concerts and trips and listening to music.