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One Painting at a Time


Senior Zuzu Hill’s artistic talents are no secret to the Emerson community. He is notably well known for his role in expressing art and himself through it. He is someone who has won various awards for the skills he has and has even had his artwork displayed in art galleries such as Newark gallery and Whitney Museum with his work being displayed there. 

Currently, he is a co-president of National Art Honor Society whether he creates new ideas for the inductees to do. He and co-president Bella Hasset create tasks and paintings that  contributed to the society and enjoyable for themselves.

He currently is working on repainting a mural in the sophomore hallway. He is creating a piece all on his own with his own concept to portray. Typically, large murals are completed by all of the members of the NAHS, but  he is the first to complete it solo.

“I had always planned on doing a mural and actually had the opportunity to have one a few years back yet there have been some complications in the way,” said Zuzu.

Seniors love to have independent and easy schedules so this provided him the opportunity to have fun and leave his mark on the school. His art work is what truly makes him unique as his paintings are different compared to what others use.

“I am a guy who actually loves to mix mediums. Some of my favorite pieces are made with that. I do it in my sketchbook and wooden canvas,” said Zuzu.

Unlike most people, he usually likes to combine some different mediums such as spray paint, wood, paint and even clay. These creations have drawn attention to multiple competitions, winning his many achievements. Some of them are even the highest one can achieve.

“Last year  I got the scholastic art and writing awards and by submitting one I won a golden key for regional,” Zuzu stated, “For that it got put into the Whitney museum art gallery. I won a national medal for that piece.”

Sometimes talent really does play into getting these achievements and obviously he has  those. But truly what made him that way. What got him to be so special? 

“My uncle is a professional artist and he has his own company. My cousin is also in school for art. I grew up in a very artistic household, my stepdad was a musician, my mom worked in film and my dad did too,” Zuzu. 

Most of his inspiration stemmed from his environment sparking him in his creative path. And now he has opportunities. Now he has to look into what his future has to hold. Currently he has been accepted into some of the top schools such as Parsons and School of art institute.

“Three places accepted me with generous scholarships that  I am forever grateful for,” Zuzu explained. 

However his top choice is Rhode island school of design where he had gotten wait listed. This week he plans on sending an email to the school skiing to see if he can move his spot into it. He accepts all wishes and good luck coming his way to go to this school. Good Luck Zuzu!


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