Cinderella: A Stellar Production By Emerson High School

Colin Pattermann, Writer

This year’s Emerson stage production was Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. With key veteran stars such as Madeline Praschil (Cinderella), Sarah Walsh (Cinderella), and Billy Bollbach (Prince Christopher), this musical was destined to make us all feel happily ever after. 

The play’s dates were March 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 11th, and it just got better and better with each performance.

As an audience member I can say the theater was definitely packed, and there was a great energy throughout the entire play on both the part of the players and the audience members. Snacks and drinks were available before the show and during intermission, but it was the show that was really a feast – for the eyes.

The choreography and music were outstanding.  There were dance numbers with brooms and mice.  The sets were perfect and could be changed in an instant from looking like the inside of Cinderella’s home to the grand staircase leading to/from the palace.  The costumes were really beautiful, especially one dress that had been created by EHS’s own Maddy Ostroff that started off as a simple dress, but with transformed with a twirl into a gown fit for a royal ball.  And yes, there was a glass slipper.

Thanks to the sound crew what each character was saying and singing, and the light work was nothing but the best. Everyone could definitely tell how hard the cast and crew had worked in order to make this play succeed.

At the end of the play there was even an option to take a picture with Cinderella herself!  Many eager giggling girls in princess costumes lined up for the chance to pose with the princess. 

When I asked Cinderella (senior Madeline Praschil) what her favorite part of being involved in the play during her high school years had to be,  she replied “ My favorite part of the play would definitely have to be all the friends I made over the four years.”

I had also asked her what she would miss the most, to which she said “ Speaking of which, that will definitely be what I miss the most of all – the amazing friends I’ve made in my time.”

After an stellar performance, these stars will definitely be missed, but there are younger students waiting in the wings for their chance to shine.

I think it is safe to say that the program will continue to succeed and keep producing amazing performances, especially when you consider the amazing Ullmans are at the helm and Emerson’s got talent. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this program.