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Seniors Dominant Powderpuff Once Again, 24-18

Isabella Lupano

Emerson seniors defeated the juniors in this year’s Powderpuff game on Thursday. The win was cause for celebration after the seniors  unexpected loss last year. 

Each year, juniors and seniors switch roles and compete against one another in what has become a highlight of Spirit Week. Boys from each class dress up as cheerleaders and the girls from each class suit up and play football. Dating back for decades, Powderpuff is a popular tradition among students.

This year, the juniors and seniors had one of the largest groups yet. 

“Our team was stronger as a whole compared to our competition,” said junior Mariana Ceylan.

Practice had been held at least twice a week. However, on the days leading up to the big game, practices were held every day and players spent their free time late on the turf.

Each team practiced separately in order to keep their plays a secret, however, this was not always possible. When this happened, teams could take advantage of seeing how the other team played.

Each team created strategies for how they would take down the other team. They gave their plays code names to make it harder for adversaries to anticipate their next move and players were required to learn each position.

Some players even enjoyed notoriety for being a force to be reckoned with. Senior Olyvia Burrell, a multi-sport athlete at Emerson learned that she was “feared” by the juniors.

“I feel so flattered, but honestly like I’m trying to have fun and I’m not like a scary person,” said Burrell.

Although, flag football is relatively safe, injuries do occur. 

“At least once a year someone gets hurt, if it’s not from collision,  it’s jammed fingers, girls get hurt during practice with the males. It is a constant issue with the game of football being played for Powderpuff,” said phys Ed teacher Mansfield.

Despite the dangers that come with playing the game, it’s unlikely Emerson students will want to give up this tradition. It gives both boys and girls the opportunity to try something new: the boys experience the intricacies of sideline cheers and the girls have the opportunity to run the field and compete with the upperclassmen. 

 “So  it’s the role reversal that  I think they really enjoy the most and makes the game worth it,” said Mr Mansfield.

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About the Contributor
Isabella Lupano, writer
Isabella Lupano is a senior at Emerson Junior Senior High School and a writer for The Cavo Chronicles. She participates in multiple school activities ranging from Unity club and Spanish club to Track and Field.  In her free time, she enjoys accompanying friends to concerts and trips and listen to music.