What Students at EHS Planned to Do During Their Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is a much-needed time for us to remember those veterans who have served our country.  It’s also a time for us to catch our breath before that last sprint to the finish line that marks the end of 2022-2023 school year. 

Luckily, for the students at EHS, we didn’t use up any snow days so we had an extra long break. Our break began on Friday May 26th and lasted until Thursday June 1. We interviewed a few of our classmates before the break, and here is what they told us they planned to do with their time off.

Senior Jake Sanchez was very excited for the long Memorial Day break. Jake planned to relax and take a break from his stressful senior year. In addition, Jake planned to celebrate Memorial Day with his family by throwing a nice outdoor barbeque. Lastly, Jake was most excited to spend time with this family and friends during this break. 

Daniella Machinski, also a senior, was very eager for this break to start. She had big plans playing softball and hanging out with friends. She hoped to make it down to the beach one of the days of break to get a good tan and spend time with friends. Lastly, Daniella was celebrating one of her very close friends who was having a quinceanera. 

Ava Sudano, another senior, was very excited for the long weekend. She is on the softball team so she was going to be heavily involved in her sport over the long Memorial Day Weekend. The softball team is playing for the State title and they are hoping to make it to the finals. Emerson is 22-3 so the team has a great chance of winning the title.

Senior Ashton El-Ansari was very excited to make money over the long weekend. He works at Prohibition in Westwood, and he believed it would be very busy over the Memorial Day Weekend. He also was happy to have a relaxing weekend because he could spend time with friends and family. 

Leo Mandile, a sophomore, said he was extremely excited to get to spend time with his Grandpa Rick since he doesn’t get to see him a lot during the spring season (because both of their schedules are always jam packed with activity). Leo said, “We have a lot planned and a lot of things to catch up on for the next five days.”

Junior Emma Rivers said she was really excited to spend this long weekend doing things she normally doesn’t get to do. She said, “I don’t have a lot of free time during the school year because I’m usually jam packed with school work and soccer and softball, so I want to take this break to relax, hopefully get a tan, and go to beach.”

All in all, students at EHS were ecstatic to have an extra long Memorial Day Weekend break.  We all needed the rest, relaxation, and reflection.

There is only a month of school left.  Let’s do this, EHS!