Ginny and Georgia: A Review

Sofia Labombarda, Writer

Ginny and Georgia is a comedy-drama series on Netflix that’s popular among many teenagers. This show is very entertaining and has received good ratings.  Is it the plot?  The characters?  The actors?  Maybe the combination draws people in, but maybe it’s because of its focus on relationships. 

Lots of concepts in this series happen in this generation, and take place in many different peoples’ lives on the daily. 

It all starts with a family.  Georgia is Ginny’s mom, and Ginny is a teenage girl. She has a little brother named Austin.

This show explains what it is like to have a rough relationship with your mother and your family going through trauma. It shows the true emotions that people can go through when coping with anxiety or depression. You can see how Ginny is influenced by many people in her life – in both good and bad ways.

Her dad lives very far from her, and she grew up in a different town. Hoping for change, she and her mother and brother move to another town.  Adapting to this area with new people has been very hard for Ginny. Not having a real father figure in her life at all times makes her very upset – especially when her mom has a boyfriend.

It just does not feel like home. 

She has a lot on her mind and is trying to figure out how to cope with everything that is going on in her life. This show is very interesting and makes twists and turns very quickly. There are many unexpected situations and outcomes that occur, which really makes the story move.

The overall message is strong, and shows that often the people you think are your real friends, really are not. It also shows how people in your life can influence you to make bad choices or decisions, no matter what you do. Ultimately, you discover how finding your ways to cope with stress is what makes a difference on your life decisions and how you go about everything. 

In the end, this show is very important, and shows you what a true toxic relationship looks like – which, sadly, occurs in many people’s lives. 

It’s interesting to watch the danger from a distance, and see what you can learn from each episode.

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