My Eras Tour Experience

Stephanie Ocelotl, Writer

After a brutal Ticketmaster war back in November 2022, I was lucky enough to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour with my two friends on May 28th at MetLife Stadium. We waited for about five months for the concert to come, and when the day finally arrived, we were all ecstatic.

Everyone had been dressing up as one of Taylor Swift’s “eras” at each show, so I decided to base my outfit off of the Reputation Album. My friends, Kaitlyn and Isabella went as Lover. We decided to leave for the show at 3:00pm, which was a little risky considering the traffic and parking, but surprisingly, it was not bad. It took us no longer than an hour to arrive and find parking. 

At each show, fans, or as we call ourselves, Swifties, were also trading friendship bracelets. Therefore, I made sure to stay up the night before, preparing and making my bracelets to give out the next day. When we got there, everyone was dressed in sparkles and trading the friendship bracelets they had made.

The gates to the stadium opened at 4:00pm, so we quickly got on the line for security to check us and to get our light up bracelets for the show. Again, it was not bad and it took us no longer than 10 minutes to get inside. 

Taylor Swift would not come on until 8:00pm, so we had about 4 hours to spare. However, one of our openers, Phoebe Bridgers, would begin her performance at around 6:50pm, and we did not want to miss it! For the few hours that we had, we traded our bracelets with other Swifties and got in line to get food, drinks, and ice cream. We also got in line for, of course, MERCH! The line was moving very quickly and we got inside the merch store in about 20 minutes. Everything up to that point was going very fast and we were pleasantly surprised! 

After buying our merch, we went back into the stadium to watch Phoebe Bridgers’ performance, which was absolutely amazing. After it was over, Taylor Swift would take the stage a few minutes later. Recapping her entire performance would take way too long, so let’s just say, there was nonstop yelling and singing for three hours straight. She also invited special guest, Ice Spice, to the stage to perform “Karma” with her. It was my first concert, so I had no idea what to expect, but Taylor Swift definitely blew my mind.

Though I lost my voice for three days after the concert, it was truly a magical experience I will never forget. And if you are wondering, yes, it was also very therapeutic.