The Future of Music at Emerson

New programs to come in 2021-2022 as described by Mr. Hutchinson


Members of the Emerson Marching Band giving a demonstration to Junior High band members

Charlie Princing and Madison Ostroff

All Emerson students are sharing this same question: “What new policy will be introduced this upcoming 2021-2022 school year?” 

The one thing at the forefront of everyone’s mind is the beginning of a new music program encouraging all Junior High students to participate in either band or chorus. While there has been a very mixed response to this new program from the Junior High students, Mr. Ullman and Mr. Hutchinson have been able to give a firsthand account of how the middle school’s musical experience is set to go and the motives behind it.

“[…] For some kids, the chance to be involved in band or chorus happens usually after third grade with the recorder, and the option to go into an instrument is usually around fourth grade, and we don’t really present students with that choice again.” – Mr. Hutchinson

Some people may view the situation as the school forcing music onto its younger students. However, it’s really the best possible choice for introducing students into a new medium they would not have been able to experience otherwise. There are dozens of students who may not have discovered their hidden passion for music, and the new music program will give them that chance.

Music educators have been responding to the situation positively as well, with Mr. Ullman sharing his experience with taking on such a large group of students at once, along with his hopes for the impact chorus and band will have on the Junior High.

“The hope is to instill an appreciation for whatever it is. So, in my case it’s an appreciation for music, so that one day in the future they might say to themselves ‘I know how hard it is, (and) I know what it’s like to be in a group like that’” – Mr. Ullman

Mr. Lione and Mr. Ullman have both been working hard to ensure that students have an enjoyable experience in the music program, despite some members being less than willing to participate. It is likely that this school year will entail a fun and refreshing reintroduction to music for Junior High students- even for those who may be less than excited about the new program in place.