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NAHS Explores Centuries of Art at the MET

Emerson National Art Honors students visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Last Friday, the students in the Emerson National Art Honors Society took a bus into New York for a field trip and returned to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their annual trip.  

Students left the school at 9 a.m. and took the bus into New York. Arriving at 10 a.m. with Mrs. Staires the art teacher, Mrs. Rojas the graphic design teacher, and Mr. Bliss the woodshop teacher, everyone entered the museum located in Central Park and started their exploration. 

The museum was filled with many different exhibitions that the students had hours to tour. Exhibits ranged from Medieval Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, to Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Art, with many other sections including paintings and sculptures. 

“My favorite section in the museum was the Arms and Armor. The armor and displays had an interesting history to them which I enjoyed learning about” said junior and NAHS member, Mariana Ceylan.

The Arms and Armor area was created in 1912 and showcases helmets, swords, horse armor, and more from all different countries that involved historic battles.    

Halfway through the day, many students took a break to go eat lunch which was bought in The Eatery, located on the ground floor inside the museum. They had a variety of lunch options including chicken, pizza, sushi, desserts, and more. Throughout the museum were also other cafes and food stops that offered smaller snacks and beverages. 

As students continued making their way around the museum, another thing that stuck with them was the paintings. Many students looked forward to viewing paintings and works by artists they already knew from history or art classes, such as American historic paintings and paintings by artists like Vincent Van Gogh. 

While some were intrigued by different pieces from their prior education, others enjoyed pieces that related to their hobbies. 

Emerson junior and NAHS member Madison Ostroff takes an interest in clothes making. Madison crochets, stitches, sews, and more. Her favorite part of the museum was seeing The Costume Institute. 

The Costume Institute showcased numerous dresses from a wide range of cultures.

“It helped me see clothes from different countries and made me mindful of how to make designs that can be inclusive towards more people,” said Madison. 

Madison took notice of the diversity and form of art that the dresses exemplified. There were varied styles and each dress was unique in its own way which was inspirational to her. 

“It’s inspiring to see the artwork and the various ways that artists express themselves throughout the eras,” said Mrs. Rojas.

The field trip was a learning experience for the members of the Emerson National Art Honors Society which exposed them to famous artwork and artists and led them to explore things they may have not seen before.

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Kelly Bonner, Writer
Kelly Bonner is a junior at Emerson Junior Senior High School. This is her first year writing for The Cavo Chronicles. Bonner is involved in many clubs including Unity Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, Cavo Cancer Crushers, and more. Outside of school Bonner is a competition dancer and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.