Winter Track Update

Diana Tamayo and Leigha Messick

The Winter Track Team went to their first track meet at RCC (Rockland Community College). The team had been waiting for this day, and all of them were very excited. Many people were trying out new events, and the newer members adapted very well during this chaotic meet. There were about fifteen teams there.

Some of our members did very well by beating the PR, and others placed. There were 18 people who won medals for their different events. Students were very excited about the meet. 

We spoke with sophomore Sophie Nisonoff about how she felt after our first track meet and she said, “I felt excited about getting better and coming back for the future track meets and proud of how I did”.

Although, sometimes some meets may not go so well, many look on the brighter sides of things. Jennifer Asitimbay said, “I was really sad because I fouled at triple jump, but I broke my PR for the 55m dash at least!”

Our coaches were very happy with the results, and are excited to continue our track season process. 

To continue, the Emerson Track Team had their second track meet in Ocean Breeze. The Emerson Track Team went against 41 other teams from New York and New Jersey. Emerson was by far the smallest school at the meet but, despite that, Emerson stood in excellent competition against all of the teams. This was a very tough invitational at one of the most elite track facilities in the country. All Emerson students stepped up and represented our school very well. Many broke their personal records in each of their events, and seven members of the track team got medals. 

Lastly, the track team had their third track meet back at the RCC. Coach Hedges posted the results that night and also said, “Today was a fantastic return to the RCC, and it has to be stated that Coach Lila and I were more than impressed by the effort levels tonight. This team is really stepping up, just as the biggest meets are on their way”. 

Overall, there were over twenty teams competing. There were 23 medalists from the Emerson track team and seven of the 23 medalists were gold medal winners. The whole track team has many more meets to come, and its members are very excited to continue on their Winter Track careers.

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