Emerson Soccer Ring


Emerson Boys lineup as they take on Park Ridge picture taken by Steve Hockstein | For NJ Advance Media

Leo Mandile, Writer

In Emerson’s sports history, EHS has never won a state championship – but that will all change this season. With upcoming players like Michael Graf and Leo Mandile, the amount of potential this team has is that of a team out of Europe. The only people who stand in their way are the Waldwick Warriors.

Last year’s team was the only team that came the closest with star players like Thomas Trimble and Landon Frank dominating the midfield with their explosiveness and agile feet. It was the most complete team, and had the best chance of winning the state, but they failed to prosper against the Warriors.

Coach Richard Compagnone switched up the formation in a desperate attempt to change the results of the final score, but the team could not help. Now EHS has a complete team with a strong defense and a strong midfield. The midfielders resemble that of Manchester City currently. With star players all surrounding the team, it’s easy to say that it’s a very talented bunch. 

When asked for his thoughts, Michael Graf said,“Very talented group. Hard-working. I think we will have a strong team with a great wide selection of players. I also think we are going to work hard and be dedicated for the whole season and pre-season.”

Ishmael Garcia-Romero agreed, “Very talented. If we focus we will come out with a championship. We are the best team that’s come out of this school period.”

Nathen Leuck added, “We are top contenders for the league.”

Paul Coombes stated, “Our team has mad turbulence, boy, and we could win the championship.”

Tony Rinkiewicz said, “A lot of young talent, they could put their skills on display for upcoming years.”

All in all, it’s agreed that the stage is set.