Knicks Clinch the 4th Seed


Dylan Covello, Writer

In a year when reporters were saying the Knicks were going to fail again because they did not get a “marquee” free agent, they went against the odds and finished the season with a 41-31 record at the 4th seed.

They had an incredible season run by Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, Derrick Rose, and Alec Burks. Coach Thibs helped out tremendously with new defenses stats, First in opposing points last season we were 18th. First in opposing FG last year we were 27th, and First in opposing FG and they were 28th last season.

Also, The Knicks had shooters this year. Last year the highest rating shooter was Marcus Morris at 43.9 percent, the closest player too him was 36 percent. This year we had great shooters: Alec Burks (42 percent) Julius Randle (41 Percent) (last years was 27), D Rose (41 percent), Reggie B (41 percent), Rj Barrett (40 percent), and Quickly at (39 percent). This year we were stacked withs shooters. It was ultimately a great season for the improvement and not only that a run in the playoffs.

People must realize how much of a big deal this is. For a team that has been down in the dumps and lost numerous times , for them to just be in the play in tournament or compete for the must part in the season would have been great. Instead, they pushed and worked hard and did not take short cuts like the Nets. And as Julius Randle says, “Were not done yet.”

Overall, the coaching staff and front offices changed with the stepping up of Julius Randle plus shooting all around , we could not be stopped. Here is what big market sports names said about the Knicks before the season:

ESPN ranked the Knicks at 27 and said, “This may shock you, but the Knicks Failed to acquire a marquee free agent this offseason. This means another season of tanking and incessant chatter about the free agent superstar they’ll totally land next summer.” ESPN also said, “This is Thibs team, you know that they will play hard every night. All that may not mean many wins” and  “ They won’t win many games this season, but it’s all good to have higher lottery odds. Knicks Fans will have to deal with the inevitable lows of this season and enjoy the highs whenever they occur.”

We clinched fourth seed, were the kings of New york , and we have the best player in New York being Julius Randle. We have won games, worked hard, played hard defense , shot well, protected home territory, and went against all odds and we are just getting started.