Fall Playlist

Sean Salcedo

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The following playlist was made by senior Sean Salcedo at Emerson High School. This playlist was made so that people can listen to new music that came out recently in the year 2019. 

Students can find the playlist here→ (FALL PLAYLIST

  1. Magic- This song is a really good hype song and is used by the soccer team.
    • Artist: Lil SkiesAlbum: MagicReleased: 2019Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  2. Goodbyes- This song is about a relationship that gets too out of hand. People have been through those types of relationships and they can relate to this.
    • Artist: Post MaloneFeatured artist: Young ThugAlbum: Hollywood’s BleedingReleased: 2019

      Producer(s): Brian Lee; Louis Bell

      Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

  3. Wow- This song is inspiring because it is saying to show people how good you are if they doubt you.
    • Artist: Post MaloneAlbum: Hollywood’s BleedingReleased: 2019Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  4. Ransom- People in this generation present themselves differently than they really are.
    • Artist: Lil TeccaAlbum: We Love You TeccaReleased: 2019Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  5. W2Leezy- This song is Justin Rarri’s first ever song made by him and it’s FIRE!
    • Artist: Justin RarriAlbum: W2LeezyReleased: 2019Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  6. Stuck in a Dream- This song is one of Lil Mosey’s newest songs.
    • Artist: Lil MoseyFeatured artist: GunnaAlbum: Stuck in a Dream- SingleReleased: 2019

      Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

  7. Keeping It Small Town- This song is very relatable to Emerson High School Student’s lives because Emerson is a small town and we know everyone in our town.
    • Artist: Jason AldeanAlbum: 9Released: 2019Genre: Country
  8. There Was This Girl- This song is relatable because we always have that one person in life who we like or love.
    • Artist: Riley GreenAlbum: Different ‘Round HereReleased: 2019Genre: Country
  9. Beer Never Broke My Heart- The meaning behind this song is that inanimate objects can eventually become addicting in a person’s life. People relate to that a lot today with electronics, cars, etc… 
    • Artist: Luke CombsAlbum: What You See Is What You GetReleased: 2019Genre: Country
  10. Slow Dance in a Parking Lot- This song is a really good song to relax to.
    • Artist: Jordan DavisAlbum: Home StateReleased: 2018Genre: Country
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