Gear up for Ski & Snowboard Club this Winter!


Christian Hirth, Writer

Imagine yourself at the very top of a mountain, with nothing but a giant slide of snow in front of you, and a pair of skis or a snowboard in your hand. A small chill runs down your spine in the cool weather. The only way down the mountain is to take a leap out onto the slope and slide your way down with a thrilling experience.

One may call it a scary experience, but skiers don’t use that word. They prefer to call it a thrilling experience. No skier or snowboarder ever fears the terrors of the black diamond, and the only thing that is built up inside while on that ski lift to the top is determination to overcome the mountain itself. 

Starting after winter break, members of the Emerson Ski Club will embrace Mount Creek Thursdays in January and February in Verona, New Jersey. The club is supervised by woodshop teacher Bill Bliss, and will also be chaperoned by P.E. teacher Thomas Mansfield, with possibly another chaperone joining the trek.

“I love skiing, I try to ski for at least 40 days a year,” Mr. Bliss says. “My parents took me when I was 5 years old, so over 37 years, with some gaps. My family skied so I was inspired by that. I’ve loved it ever since.”

Although sign-ups have passed, Bliss is preparing to invite students onboard for next season. Sign-ups are available at next year’s club fair or through emailing Bliss.

“Come to me to get started. Mt. Everest in Westwood gives Emerson a discount, or you can visit Ski Barn on Route 17. The good thing about the ski club is that when you purchase tickets for Mt. Creek, it comes with free lessons. Also, be aware of the cold weather, come in layers. Dress comfortably and wear the proper equipment. You must wear a helmet if you’re under 18. It’s a very fun sport, it just  takes time to get into.”

The most dangerous thing to worry about while going down a slope is the cold weather. Without proper clothing, the cold will make one sick or hurt very quickly.

Skiers must purchase or rent skis, poles (if they wish, highly recommended for beginners), good ski boots, goggles, and clothes, and a comfortable helmet. Snowboarders must also have the same but bring their snowboard instead of skis.

The dates for each trip are January 5th, 12th, 19th, and February 2nd and 9th.

At the Ski and Snowboard Club, there is no fear. Nothing is scary or anxious when you’re a mile above sea level, looking down at the fog that wants to consume you. The clouds that you look up to all day every day will now be looking up to you. At the mountaintop, there is only determination. Overcome the mountain in the Ski and Snowboard Club.

For more information, contact Mr. Bliss at