What Do EHS Teachers Do for Summer Break?

Brianna Leach and Kara Long

Do you ever wonder what your favorite teachers do over summer break? While many students go on vacation, go to the beach, and hang out with friends, teachers at EHS also have some fun summer activities planned. Below, five interviewed teachers reveal their summer plans.

Tenth-grade English teacher Mr. Hedges has a perfect blend of work and relaxation for this summer. His goal is to read 15 to 20 books, as he has managed to complete in previous summers. He also has plans to visit Portugal for one week. In addition, he plans to write about 1 to 2 recommendation letters a week for junior students. Later in the summer, he will begin to start cross-country practices.

Ninth grade World History teacher Mr. Ledgerwood has a seemingly historical summer planned with a trip to Utah for two weeks. On this trip, he plans to visit various national parks. He also will be spending some time this summer at a lake house in Pennsylvania. Since his house is already located on a lake, the majority of his summer vacation will be spent outside relaxing with his family. 

Gym teacher Ms. Lobue (also known as Mrs. Graf) has a very exciting summer planned with both friends and family. In celebration of her new marriage, Ms. Lobue will be going on her honeymoon to Aruba. In addition, she will be going to LBI with her family as well as taking a weekend trip with her college friends. She also plans to work as a swim club supervisor during the break. 

Ninth grade English teacher Ms. Murphy has a summer filled with work and relaxation planned. Ms. Murphy spends her summer days working at Mr. Bailey’s community school and her nights working at a restaurant. When she is not working, she plans to relax at the beach and read new books that she has been wanting to read.

Gym teacher Mrs. Johnson has an exciting summer planned full of trips and spending time with her kids. She plans to drive her kids to their sports practices and games. Those sports include swimming, soccer, and baseball. She also has a trip planned to go to New Hampshire, Lake George, and North Carolina.

It looks like many teachers have an exciting and relaxing summer planned. We hope all EHS teachers have an amazing break after all of their hard work this year. Good luck to all the graduating seniors and we hope all the EHS students have a great summer as well.