Top 5 Stores to Shop at for Girls


Isabella Winograd

At Garden State Plaza (GSP) mall, there are many stores to choose from. Specifically when shopping for girls I would suggest these five.

Recently I have been looking for cute and trendy clothes since it is starting to get warm out. Outfits are a big deal to me. They make someone’s appearance look presentable and inspiring. Many girls would say trendy outfits are “insta worthy”. These are some of the stores I would recommend to get that kind of look. 


Garage is a great place to shop when shopping for a girl. They have tons of cute and trendy pieces. Whenever in need of an outfit, Garage will always be my first pick. This store has clothes for every occasion. Not only does Garage have clothing, you can also purchase accessories such as hair clips, scrunchies, jewelry, masks, etc. 


Aeropostale always has a new sale going,  no matter what time it is. They have many cute outfits, dresses, and accessories. Personally I love their rings that come in a package of 5 or 7. 


Hollister is a little on the higher price scale, but it is worth it with the quality of their items. One thing I do not really like, however, it is that most of their items have their brand name written across the piece of clothing.

Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercombie and Fitch is also on the higher price scale. They do not have a very large selection for girls, but on occasion they do. When they have these clothes, they are high quality and very cute. Their clothing is amazing in style, whether it is for going out or staying in. It is a hit or miss.  

Forever 21

Forever 21 is mostly marketed for girls. They have a bigger selection of girls/women than boys/men. This store has affordable prices and is easy to shop in. In the store, everything is very organized and they have a lot of accessories. They also have shoes that are a knock off brand of the real ones, but are still cute. They have tons of jewelry as well. 

Overall, all these stores are great to shop for girls. They all have trendy clothes and are my top picks when looking for an outfit.