What Seniors Will Miss the Most at EHS


Seniors at Emerson Junior Senior High School are very sad to be leaving Cavo Country. It’s a bittersweet time for them because they’re leaving behind what they know, but they’re moving onto bigger and better things, and are very eager to start their new journeys.

We took a moment to ask a few seniors for their thoughts during this last full week of school, and here’s what they say they will miss the most. 

Jake Sanchez said, “I will miss the people, my friends, and the school’s comfort. I have been here for six years, and it is going to be hard leaving.” Although Jake is sad about leaving EHS, he is definitely excited to start his new journey at Rutgers University.

Ava Sudano took a minute to think about this question, and finally said, “I will miss playing soccer and softball with my friends. I have made so many friendships and have made several memories through sports.” Ava is sad to say goodbye, but she is happy to start new at Ohio State University.

Daniella Machinski found this question very hard to answer. She couldn’t think of her answer at first because there are so many things she will miss. “Overall, I will definitely miss my friends and teachers the most. The relationships I grew with these people over the years are unmatchable and I will miss them the most.”  She’s thrilled to be ‘bama bound, and will soon be heading out to The University of Alabama.

Robbie Amoia said, “I will miss my friends the most as well as playing baseball.” Robbie has played baseball the past two years and has grown a great connection to it. It will be a very hard goodbye for him, but he’ll be leaving for Rutgers nonetheless. 

Nataly Sergave admitted, “I’m going to miss the bonds I have formed with my friends and all the times we get to hangout with each other without even trying because we are at school.” She’ll be at Montclair University.

Colin Pattermann added that he is going to miss his time at lunch spent with friends. “I’m going to miss the cafeteria being crazy filled with all the underclassman, while me and my friends are screaming and laughing and (because it’s our senior year ) able to leave and go out to lunch with them at new places.”  Colin will be at Bergen Community College this fall.

These seniors have a lot of memories that they are going to treasure from their time spent here at the Emerson Junior Senior High School, but they’ll be making new ones in new places soon enough.

Thank you for sharing, seniors.