Mental Health Awareness Month

Delilah Travers, Writer

Mental health awareness is the key to overcoming mental health issues. Awareness makes it easier for people to discuss the mental health barriers they have struggled to overcome, but without fear or worry of judgment or discrimination. As someone wanting to go into the field of mental health, I find that we need to destigmatize it in order to make any progress.

Especially after COVID-19, a lot of people are experiencing mental health issues, and realizing them due to the isolation involved with quarantine. While mental health is a difficult topic, with vast diversity even within the same disorder, we have to break the stigma. The only way to overcome such barriers is to open a dialogue with those around us.

Start a conversation and, if you want to help but aren’t talkative, educating yourself is another way to help the cause. You can’t solve a problem you don’t know is there. That is how we should approach mental health. Indicators aren’t always so obvious, and sometimes you need to talk to those around you to find the issue.

If you learn about a friend or loved one with a mental health struggle or condition, understanding the intricacies of their specific situation can make them feel like they’re not alone. Educating yourself on the topic can help you to really grasp the situation that a person struggling may be experiencing.  Having someone in their corner can make all the difference.

Increasing mental health awareness is necessary in addressing the mental health crisis, promoting well-being, and improving quality of life for all individuals.  Take the time to talk about it, check in on people, and learn more about the many aspects of mental health.