Junior Semi-Formal: Good Times Never Seemed so Good!


On Friday, March 24, 2023, the Junior class gathered together to partake in their junior semi-formal dance. 


The Junior semi-formal is an annual event, organized so that the junior class can get together for a fun night to dress up and socialize. Since many of the juniors that attended had not been to a dance since their 6th-grade dance, the dance was especially meaningful. While many chose dates from Emerson, students were able to bring dates from other towns and grades.

The juniors started the night off around 5:30 p.m. at the high school where they took pictures and socialized with friends. Around 6 p.m. students gathered onto two buses for a short ride to the Hackensack Golf Club located in Emerson. 

At the dance, students were served food and dessert throughout the night as they danced, sang, and utilized the photo booth.

Junior class president, Jeremy Lachman, said he thought that the night “went pretty smoothly and [he] could tell everyone was having a good time.” With the anticipation leading up to the Semi-formal, it was very important to Lachman that everything went just as planned. 

Junior class historian, Lauren Gull said  her favorite moment of the night was “when the DJ played Sweet Caroline because it felt like that simple moment really brought the grade together.”

Since the class of 2024 has not had a grade celebration in years, it was very important to Lachman and Gull that the night brought the grade closer. It also gave them the opportunity to take notes on what they would change for the senior prom.

“I think for our senior prom we need more people to come; it would be more fun if everyone were to get involved for next year,” said Lachman.  

“For prom next year I would add more decorations and little things like a candy table, or an Italian ice stand,” piped in Gull.

Overall, the junior class definitely enjoyed their special night at their semi-formal. Thanks to the help of the class officers and advisors, the grade was able to enjoy a fun night of socializing.