Spring Track Update


Diana Tamayo, Writer

The warm breeze, the sun peeking out, and the renewal and awakening are proof that things are coming to life at Emerson Jr./Sr. High School. Along with the promising weather, there are plenty of activities to be thrilled about, particularly for this year’s spring season.

Everyone was counting down the days for spring break, but now they are counting down the days for their first games or meets.

The spring season has officially started which means spring sports have begun. Track athletes have been working on conditioning, and have already had their first successful meet. Many of the seniors want to make their final season something to remember.

We asked senior Mia Bonner what she is looking forward to most this season and she said, “This year we have a lot of new members and a very young team with so much potential talent. I’m looking forward to seeing the team grow throughout the season and to see all of our accomplishments.” 

The Emerson Track Team has had a very successful winter season ,and many have made it far throughout the season. Some people on the team from winter joined the spring season to continue on with their journey for track and field. Since the Emerson Track season has gone so well, we have been placed in a more challenging league.

Mia Bonner says, “…I am excited to see a new competitive motivation as we get farther into the season. With strong leading seniors, I look forward to seeing each other’s individual achievements as well.” Mia’s main events are hurdles and triple jump.  

We officially have 60 track members as a part of the team this season, and have four coaches: Coaches Ledge, Bliss, Lila, and Martinez. All are very excited for this season, and a main focus this year is team building.

We asked Coach Ledge what are some new strategies that he will be using this season and he said, “Continue to focus on team building and build a proper environment to be successful. I want them to feel like they are truly a part of the team…focus on posture coordination, specific aspects of athleticism and prepare everyone for an event that they choose to compete in.” Ledge has been the high school head coach for 11 years, and is very excited for many more to come. 

Continuing with this season, many people on the track team have set assorted goals for themselves to achieve.

Senior Kaitlyn Legaspi says that her biggest goal is to, “Make it to groups this season. And break my personal record for pole vault.” Kaitlyn Legaspi has reached 9 feet in pole vault, and does many other events like high jump and hurdles. 

Many of these track athletes are very excited for this season, especially since the whole team is close. There are great things to look forward to this season with all of the different kinds of activities that are going to take place. Here’s to many victorious meets, more team building experiences, and a lot of hope for a great track season this year.