Emerson Plant Adoption


The Emerson Environmental and Sustainability Club held its first ever plant adoption this December in the main lobby of the school during lunch and activity period, giving out a range of plants propagated from cuttings. Students could choose from a wide variety of plants including jades, spider plants, pathos, pileas, snake plants, and prayer plants. 

Growing plants from parts of other plants, better known as cuttings, has become “a thing” and is a great way to give and receive plants – for free!

Club advisers Natalie Rehak and Sue Wisner came up with the idea after learning of their shared interest in propagating plants from cuttings.

“I told Ms. Rehak I was looking for a home for a large number of spider plants I “rescued” from my son’s plant. From there, we got to talking about showing kids how easy it is to grow plants from other plants,” said Wisner.

Emerson parent, Nicole Coyle, gave a presentation on how to grow plant cuttings and also provided a large collection of pathos plants in recycled glass bottles for the adoption. Mrs. Rehak also received many donations from a Facebook post as well as several prayer and jade plants from her mother and sister. 

“Plants can be an expensive hobby, but not if you swap cuttings with friends,” said Wisner.

According to Wisner, there’s real merit to having plants. “They can improve air quality and reduce stress, but it’s also just fun to grow something. You get a sense of accomplishment” added Wisner.  

For those who missed this plant adoption or for those looking to add to their collection, it’s not too late to adopt. Interested students can stop by Rehak’s room to view available adoptees.  The club also plans on holding another adoption, this time for succulents and herbs, in the spring.