What People Are Looking Forward to for Spring

What People Are Looking Forward to for Spring

Jake Sanchez and Ashton El- Ansari

As winter approaches its end, Cavos are looking forward to spring and all it has to offer. Some Cavos love the nice weather and spending time with family and friends. Others aren’t excited about allergies and rainy days.

Spring is a great time of year with nicer weather and longer days. Sports like baseball and lacrosse begin, and we get closer to summer. 

There is overall great excitement toward the spring season. Cavos are excited for warmer weather and fun times with family and friends. Spring brings many great things, and it is an awesome time of year. We have had a nice winter with fun holidays and unusually mild weather. Though we are all looking forward to an amazing spring.                            

Though winter is a wondrous season filled with cherished holidays and many warming moments, the majority of people can’t wait for the warmer weather. After all, there are many things in the winter time that you are unable to do – which ultimately sucks, um, can be irritating. Many of our own Cavos are eager and excited for spring to roll around.

For example, Jeffrey Rezabala explains that he is looking forward to the spring so he can hang out with his friends more outside as well as wear shorts. “I love the dark and rainy days in the spring because for me it is mad chill,” he explains.

While Jeffrey may love the dark and rainy days, other Cavos, such as Faith Rivers and Siam Kader, prefer the sunny days as they say they “enjoy the cool sunny days”.

While the spring is an undeniable relief from the cold and bitter winter, there are some cons to it. As the cold and dry winter air combines with the warm and humid spring air, it allows the air to rise and moisture is escaped in the form of rain. Due to this, there is a much more common rate of precipitation.

If you like the rain, spring is your month; for most people, this not the case. If you have allergies this is probably your least favorite season!

Students Michael Nakat and Thomas Baneky claim that they cannot wait for the spring time so they can, “enjoy driving with windows down with the sun setting later.”

Overall, many of our Cavos are excited for the spring, have mostly positive feelings about it, and look forward to making the best of theirs this year.

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