Art Is All Around Us and About Us: A Mural Update

Art is all around us, and if you take a look by the middle school restrooms, you can see the progress the National Honors Arts Society members have made, as many sketches have popped up on the board within just a few weeks. The mural appears to be almost completely filled with all different types of creative art works. However, it’s not complete just yet, and we’re all eagerly awaiting to see the final product. 

Drawn in the style of the late artist Keith Haring, the mural depicts a variety of situations and beings doing all kinds of things.  Some figures are kicking soccer balls, shooting hoops, dancing, and riding a horse.  Others are surrounded by hearts.  If you look closely, there’s even some people cutting a serpent with a giant pair of scissors.

It’s a busy mural, and one that is sure to capture your attention – especially once it’s in color and all complete.

Students working on the mural shared the following thoughts with us:

“This is my first year in NAHS and I’m so happy to be working on my first mural,” shared Tarra Warren 

“The art style we’re using this year is very unique, and I’m excited to see the outcome,”admitted M.B.

Two others related:

“The ultimate goal for making murals in school is to make Emerson more beautiful. We chose the theme teamwork to best fit the mural.” 

“We are hoping for it to be done in March, and the outline to be done in February.” 

“We wanted the mural to be less ‘Emerson’ and more creative,” explained Art teacher and NAHS Co-Advisor, Allison Johansen Staires. 

Elements of high school life are certainly represented, but giant horses and serpents definitely go beyond the 07630 zip code.  You can see a sketch of the school’s new entrance, and “EHS” a few times, but there’s something cool about seeing an illustration of the world.

Yes, art is all around us, but it’s also about us – and maybe even above us.

We’ll keep you updated with the mural’s progress, but be sure to take a detour and check it out for yourself.