Students at EHS Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

Rolling in the New Year has made students at EHS create their New Year’s resolutions. The students here have many different types of resolutions, and some consist of working on themselves, focusing on school work, and using less screen time.

The majority of students have decided that their New Year’s resolution will be working out more. Many want to become healthier, and better themselves for 2023.

Sophomore Phoebe Rivers says, “My New Year’s resolution is to work out more to become more confident within myself.” She says she will do this by becoming motivated by friends and family, and that she has a good support system for it. She adds, “I will try and go to the gym at least once a week.”

Working out is a great New Year’s resolution to have because it can better your physical and mental health.

There are also those students at EHS who want to better their mindsets, and stop procrastinating. It is super important to have a positive mindset, and do things you enjoy. Junior Emma Rivers says she plans on keeping this resolution by “Exercising more, using my time more wisely, and doing things I enjoy. I want to stick with this mindset to improve my mental health.”

Mental Health is an essential part of many people’s lives, and it’s important to do things you enjoy to keep up the positive mindset. 

Senior Daniella Ortiz says she wants to be more productive this year because she has always been a procrastinator in the past. Ortiz says she will achieve this goal by “Writing in my notebook everyday and planning out my days and weeks.”

Leo Mandile, a sophomore, says, ”My New Year’s resolution is to go to the field every week, play soccer, and get better on my skills.” When we asked how he would continue on this goal, he said he was going to start using a planner, and planning out the certain days he was going to go to the field. 

Colin Pattermann, a senior, says, “I want to spend less time on my phone because I see all these people on their phones not interacting with the world around them and I don’t want that to be me.” Colin says he is going to do this by filling his day with more productive things to do throughout the day, so he has less time to spend on his phone.

The students mentioned here have a variety of resolutions to follow for the upcoming year, and there are so many others who have special plans, hopes, and goals of their own. Hopefully, all of these resolutions work for them, or rather, they’ll work towards realizing them.

Good luck to everyone!   Here’s hoping we can all keep our resolutions.