How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Jake Jodzio, Writer

Many people try to make New Year’s Resolutions and start new habits, but many of them don’t stick. Katy Milkman, an award-winning behavioral scientist and economist, says most people fail by mid-March, and don’t really gain anything from making these new and well-intentioned promises.

Research shows that 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are fitness related but, after just three months, only 10% of people are still making the effort and going to the gym/fitness classes ( Also most people say the busiest day at a gym is January 1st, then attendance rates slowly start to die off.

Three tips to keep your New Year’s Resolutions are to:

  1. Try and make a good plan that will keep you in line and complete your resolution.
  2. Discipline yourself if you’re failing to help not fail.
  3. Make it fun so it’s not boring, so you can just do it and it won’t be too hard.

Also if you fail, remember you can just start again and keep going.

It takes about half a year to create a habit so, by then, you should have your resolutions down as habits and be used to doing them.

Don’t give up!  You’ve got this!