Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Qynn Pascual

As the holiday season approached, students already got into the mindset of winter break, presents, cold weather, and so much more! It gave teachers a hard time to get lesson plans done and students to stay on track. In times like these, educators have to work around the distractions to get students’ heads back into the lessons, and they resort to everything to help try to be good teachers, but also to not simultaneously stress out their students. 

Towards the end of the week right before holiday break, some teachers decided to take a little break and let the students relax with movies, snacks, and games. This let them catch up on grading, and get everything done to really enjoy the holiday vacation with their family and friends. But instead of saving a celebration for last minute, one specific teacher got students engaged in a Christmas Day present unboxing.

English teacher Ms. Qynn Pascual goes above and beyond by decorating her classroom to make students feel welcomed into the holiday season (and always), and to provide them with a place of relaxation.

Her extraordinary efforts were like a living advent calendar!

Day 1 was a cute holiday song during class time. Day 2 Ms. P. gave all of the students a cute little hand sanitizer to stay healthy over the holiday season. Day 3 was hot cocoa. Day 4 was a fun and entertaining snowball fight. Day 5 was a no-homework day. On Day 6 we decorated trees with our classmates. Day 7 Mrs.P. brought in bagels for all of her classes. Day 8 was for building gingerbread houses. Day 9 Mrs.P. gave us all small cute squishies. Lastly, day 10 was a cereal bar.

We asked Mrs. P., “Why do all of this for your students?” She responded, “The holidays are a big deal in my family, and I’m not able to really see them because they are overseas. The thought of the holidays is a wonderful idea. I do this because most of your guys’ high school experience got taken away, and this year is your last year. I would just like to make it special for everyone.”

I truly think that what Ms. P. did was amazing. Imagine, going out of her way to decorate the classroom and buy us all these wonderful gifts – especially during a time of year when everyone is feeling overwhelmed.  

The holidays are about giving, and that is what Ms. P. did. She made us feel like we all mattered to her. With the holiday season being stressful for everyone, Ms. P. made it feel special, and that’s what the holiday season is about. 

She is a gift in and of herself.