Winter Sports Updates – Are You Ready? They Are!


Students at EHS are excited to start their winter sports seasons. This season EHS students are eager to showcase their athletic abilities in Competition Cheer, Bowling, Winter Track, Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball, and Wrestling.


The Cheerleading Competition Team is looking forward to a normal season this year – despite Covid getting in the way the past years. In addition, the team is very eager to host a competition for the first time in a few years. Seniors Madison Brahm and Kayleigh Taub say their team is looking very strong this year, and the stunts and routine are looking amazing.

The biggest challenge for the team this season will be working with new people, and teaching them how to stunt. Seniors Madison Brahm and Kayleigh Taub say,  “In order to prepare for the season, we have our fall season to help build up our team, as well as winter choreography camp to learn our new routine for the winter season. We then continue to practice our routines and stunts throughout the season through all our practices.”


The Bowling Team this year is extremely excited to start their season out strong. Ronni Yun, a sophomore at Emerson Jr. Sr. High School has a lot to say about the upcoming bowling season. Ronni says, “Seeing if we get the championship is always fun if we get there, but it’s ok if we don’t.” Ronni also says that although the team isn’t looking perfect, they are looking pretty solid. Unlike most teams, the Bowling Team is combined with a different town. When asked about his biggest challenge, he said a main one was working with the other players from Park Ridge because they don’t all go to school together, so they don’t have as much of a built-in friendship.


The Winter Track Team is one of the most dedicated teams at EHS.  No matter the temperature, the runners are always sprinting through the streets of Emerson, and the throwers are throwing in temperatures that feel like it’s freezing out. Junior Emma Rivers says she is excited to see the growth of her fellow teammates. She also says that this season the other track teams definitely have something to fear because this team has a large group of athletic students. Their practices for the throwers consist of lifting weights, stretching out their shoulders, and continuously practicing to get better. Emma says, “I came into the season just finishing out soccer, so I was already in the sports mindset, which helped me groove right into the track season.” 


Girls’ Basketball is looking forward to all the games they have, and all the wins they will acquire. Senior Caroline Freedman is very eager for this season, and hopes to have a great season for her senior year. The team is looking very good this season with a lot of new girls. Caroline  says, “Our biggest struggle this season will be our size, we don’t have many tall girls but we won’t let this get in our way of winning. During practices we are always working hard and using our time wisely.” In order to prepare for the basketball season the team practices together, stays 100% focused, and has scrimmages with other teams as well as shoot-arounds in the gym. 


Boys’ Basketball is extremely dedicated to winning this season. Junior Jeremy Lachman says that he is extremely excited to get back to playing and winning games again. He also talks about what their practices look like, “We jog 4 laps around the gym, stretch, do drills, and learn plays.” The Boys’ Basketball Team has been putting in immense effort to do as best as they can this season. The team has been preparing by watching films, and learning other teams’ plays. Jeremy says, “ We learn the team’s best players and how to defend them.” Their biggest challenge this season is that it is a young team, but Jeremy does not believe this will set them back. The basketball team is ready for a great season.


The Wrestling Team is looking forward to a great season this year. Senior Martin Coombes says, “We are looking pretty good. We lost a lot of kids, but 15 freshmen from Park Ridge joined.” By having so many new kids, it has replaced the seniors who’ve graduated. Martin talks about what their practices look like, “ We get to practice and start with 45 mins of conditioning, an hour of wrestling, then more conditioning.” By the sound of this, the team is very hardworking and is putting in a lot of effort to be great this season. Martin says the way they prepare for the season is, “By working hard and losing weight.” The team hopes to beat Kinnelon in the sectional finals, and is looking forward to the season.


All the teams are looking forward to showing off all their athletic accomplishments throughout the season.  Go and cheer them on to victory!  Let’s go, Cavos!