The Most Popular Gifts this Christmas Season


Mariam Elayan and Stephanie Ocelotl

As winter break approaches, the burning question arises— what’s on your Christmas list this year? 

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is around the corner bringing on the gift-giving and shopping craze. While shopping for our loved ones, we wanted to find out what was at the top of people’s lists this year. Through our research on the internet and social media, we discovered that Apple products were the most highly requested gifts this year. These products ranged from the Airpod Max headphones, the newest Airpod pros, the iPhone 14, the newest iPad generation, etc. It seems as though Apple’s popularity continues to heighten throughout the gift-giving season, as everyone wants to experience their newest products for themselves. 

In addition to our online research, we wanted to gather the opinions of our classmates. When asked about her Christmas list, Delilah Travers stated, “I want a Macbook for Christmas. It will provide convenience for when I leave for college.” 

Delilah was not the only person searching for the convenience of a Macbook, Kaitlyn Legaspi said, “I would like a Macbook that I can use for college.”

Olyvia Burrell stated, “I want a new iPhone for Christmas. Mine feels outdated as the new phones are being released.” 

After interviewing our peers, and browsing social media, we have gathered information that Apple products are very popular this Christmas season. The arrival of new Apple products furthers the demand for them leading to them being particularly popular this season. So hey, if you’re unsure about what to buy a loved one during the holidays and you want to spoil them a little extra, spring for any new Apple product!