School Choir and Band Concert Brings Holiday Cheer


Briella Donahue, Journalist

The Emerson Junior Senior High School’s winter concert is scheduled for Friday, December 23rd, with the school’s chorus and band coming together to present this year’s concert to its school audience. Led by choir director William Ullman and band director Michael Lione, this seasonal concert is one not to be missed.

Each talented member performing this year has been practicing since September and will continue up until the very date of the concert. The school concerts usually have a mix of the band and choir, who go back and forth between performing.

Each concert is particularly unique, with different levels of band and chorus students performing various songs each year – especially because the school’s band and chorus song-selection process is quite unique.

“We pick a theme, but we also let students choose,” said Lione. 

Through letting students choose they are able to express themselves creatively, while also building a stronger relationship with each other and are able to build a stronger community. Ullman said this is one of the key pieces to a performance and the reason why these concerts are so important.

“They are vital because it’s about sharing the art, sharing the music in performance… sharing it with the community,” Ullman expressed.

Lione also reiterated this by saying, “It’s almost like a family.”

There will also be an evening concert on Wednesday, December 21st, at seven p.m.

Ullman and Lione are excited to share the magic of music they have been preparing all fall and that students and audience members all have fun.

“Live performances have a special power that can communicate and express things that will make a real difference to people…At every concert, I hope that people are entertained,” Ullman declared.