What Cavos Want For The Holidays: Togetherness

Jake Sanchez, Ashton El- Ansari , Writers

As December comes to an end, Cavos around the school get excited to open presents. Some like to make lists, and others like to be surprised. There are many different holidays that Cavos celebrate, but almost all of them share the joy of opening presents. There are some who like giving presents more than they do receiving, but almost everyone loves the feeling of unwrapping a present. 

Our Cavo community has a lot of diversity in what they want to get for the holidays. Opening presents is a great way to end off a year, and it always gets people in a happy mood. Everyone has different traditions for how and when they open presents, but the joy that it gives us is shared.

The freedom of these holidays is that anyone can celebrate it however they want and they can all have a great holiday. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate,who you celebrate with,or where you celebrate it. As long as you’re doing what you love, it makes the holiday season one of the best times of the year.   

Our diverse community enjoys many unique traditions that bring their families close together during the holidays. Tommy Maceira says, “I enjoy when my family comes together to take part in our usual gingerbread house competition.” Tommy also says he enjoys giving gifts to his loved ones, and thrives off of the warm spirit flowing throughout his house.

Other students like Danny Doherty and Thomas Benkovic say they love hot cocoa and enjoy lighting the menorah for their families. Danny says does not really give any gifts, but that does not take away from receiving gifts – as that is his favorite part about the holidays. Such a jolly fellow.

Finally, as we interviewed Siam Kader, he claimed that, “It’s nice when my family comes together to celebrate the holidays. We enjoy drinking hot cocoa and playing board games while watching snow fall outside.” As it is transparent to see, our Cavaliers have a variety of unique traditions they celebrate with their friends and family. 

Overall, the winter holidays is the time of year to be spreading positivity and to come together with your friends and family. Our Cavos look forward to spending time with their own loved ones over the winter break, where many will be opening presents and drinking cocoa as they dread, um, eagerly anticipate their return to school in the new year of 2023.