The Return of The Dynamic Duo – EHS’s Basketball Boys


Colin Pattermann and Leo Mandile, Writers

Now that all the fall sports are over, there are still some exciting games to be enjoyed this winter. After a solid season last year with a record of 20-8, and getting to the Semifinals in the State Tournament, the Boys’ Emerson Basketball team is hoping to continue last year’s hot streak. Returning varsity players Jason Ziemba and Jeremy Lachman, The Dynamic Duo, plan on dominating the league. 

With games starting December 15th, and not ending until February 15th, the Emerson student section will have plenty to cheer on as the boys take on Becton this December 15th. There are going to be some hard games this season, however, the boys have been working extremely hard this off season, and plan on overcoming anything that comes their way. 

Jason Ziemba, who led Emerson in 3 point shots with 46, is hoping to stay hot from the line in order to secure key wins this year. Jeremy Lachman, who was second in 3 pointers with 41, is also going to play a big role in order to have a successful season. With the loss of three seniors from the Class of 2022, there are a lot of holes to fill. However, they have a very young talented team that has a lot of potential to do big things.

After an interview with starter Jason Ziemba, he seemed to be very optimistic about the upcoming season. Ziemba claimed, “ Although we have a lot to overcome, I am confident in our abilities to get together and win.” With Coach Ziemba having a very good history, this will help this young team to – hopefully –  a season full of success. Only time will tell, but make sure to get out to these games and support our boys!