All Aboard for Captain Phillips!

Nataly Sergave , Writer

Not a movie lover? Neither was I until this movie came across my feed. I’m not a person of the “rom-coms, comedy, mystery, action and thrills is all me” type. That being said, I’ve recommended this movie to at least five people, and have watched it four times already, so that says a lot. Please take the  time to thoroughly read my review on the 2013 Blockbuster  Captain Phillips, and why it is a movie to remember.

Ever wonder what the thrill of being held captive on a cargo ship in the middle of international waters is like? Captain Phillips is the next best thing. Years and years on end you’re told that pirates like Jack Sparrow, or Long John Silver, were your shining saviors back in the day. Well, out with the old and in with the new as these real-life 21st Century pirates really tell you how it’s done.

Instead of getting a boring intro and back story of the main character’s life and history, the action kicks off right in the first 20 minutes of the 2 hour and 14 minute film. The Somali Pirates were focused on one thing and one thing only, money. They quickly attempted to pull off the best heist their men had ever seen, thinking they would come out with millions of dollars all they secured was $32,000 and a fearless captain. As you think the kidnapping would drag on for the rest of the movie, you’re about to take the most harrowing emotional roller coaster ride you’ve ever experienced in a movie. 

With the basic introduction you get in the beginning of the film, the director only wants to show that this is just an average man just doing his job.

No other actor could have been chosen to portray the real-life experience than Tom Hanks. He steps out of his comfort zone to portray the role of a tense and afraid New England Merchant Mariner, who is not armed or prepared for the situation that is about to arise. There is no number of drills the crew could have practiced to protect and avoid situations like the hijacking they are about to experience. Being such an unprotected ship, the hijacking comes with ease for the Somali men. 

The movie portrays Captain Richard Phillips as a hero who doesn’t involve saving lives, taking down a gunman, reviving a human. In his eyes that is time, he wants to buy his crew some time to get into the engine room. His plan is to make the pirates feel comfortable and give them the tour of the ship they want, providing them with some food and water. Eventually time isn’t in his favor; the Somali men grow impatient and feel they are getting played, so Captain Phillips offers one final reward. Take the lifeboat and money, and no one gets in trouble. The goal switches, now at a point where the lifeboat, money, and pirates are all in one little crammed life boat rocking in the seas for days.

Ending with being surrounded by the Navy it’s not promised that even Captain Phillips will make it out of this situation alive. It is one of the most emotionally draining climaxes 2013 has ever seen. 

Thanks to Netflix, you can see it now in all its glory.  But don’t delay!  Rumor has it the movie will be removed from the streaming service in the new year.