Are Half-Apps Worth the Hype?


Applebee’s in Paramus, New Jersey is the hot spot for students at EHS to head to after football games or late nights for half-price appetizers ranging from $2.99 – $9.99.  Good food for a good price, right?

John C. Cywinski, President of Applebee’s Intl. Inc. is very aware of his target market – people with less money to spend during these times of inflation.  “We win on affordability,” said Cywinski. “We believe that positions us very well” (Nations Restaurant News).

Brew pub pretzel sticks, cheese bites, onion rings, and chicken wonton tacos sound great, but do they taste good when they cost less?

We decided to go for Half Apps – purely for research.

When we entered Applebee’s on Friday, 10/28, there was a little wait. The hostesses sat us down within ten minutes. 

It took a long time for a waitress to come over to our table, but as soon as we got our food and drinks, everything came out very quickly. 

We three hungry Cavos tried the quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, French fries, chicken fingers, and honey barbecue wings. 

The quesadillas were cooked perfectly, the cheese was melted to a nice gooey texture, and the flour tortilla was extremely crispy. The quesadilla was a perfect amount of spice and sweetness. There were sweet and spicy peppers in it, and it was just the right balance. 

The mozzarella sticks were less than average because the cheese was not gooey, and the bread crumbs were falling off the mozzarella sticks as I took a bite. 

The French fries came out sizzling hot. They were seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper and the texture of them was amazing.

The Chicken fingers are definitely a favorite except for the fact they are overloaded with breadcrumbs. The chicken also isn’t too dry like most restaurants it is cooked perfectly.

The honey barbecue wings were warm to the touch but as soon as you bit into them the middle of the wings were just on the verge of cold and room temperature. The Honey barbecue sauce was the best it has ever been, it was the perfect amount of honey and barbecue.

We also interviewed some students at EHS to see how they felt about Applebee’s. Many agreed they only go to Applebee’s for the half-priced meals. In addition to this, the waiters/waitresses at Applebee’s are also favorites at EHS.

Sophomore Liam Patterman and Junior Kaitlyn Mc Namara agree that, “…half apps are very cheap and convenient. The waiters are also so fun and make an overall good experience.” Both of their favorite meals to get are mozzarella sticks. 

Senior Thomas Neuschwanter and Sophomore Nate Leuck both say, “I think people go there for the experience, not the food; it is a great bonding experience with friends and teams.”

We give Applebees’ five stars because the dishes Applebee’s serves are all comfort foods that teenagers love. Everyone should spend their money on Applebee’s because it is a fun, affordable, and tasty experience for all.