Cavo Crown Comeback

Contestants Billy and Olivia performing their tear-wrenching song

Contestants Billy and Olivia performing their tear-wrenching song

Charlie Princing, Writer

It’s been ages since students of EHS have been able to watch their beloved annual variety/comedy show, and the performance certainly has been missed. If the large crowd generated last Tuesday was any giveaway, then you can rest assured that people haven’t forgotten their adoration for the spectacle.

Since the title change from Mr. Cavo to Cavo Crown, it was unsure among cavalier crowds as to whether or not the event would stir up the same amount of hype as it had in previous years. Fortunately, however, there was no shortage of attendees on its opening night. People were lined up at the door to get a chance at witnessing the resurgence of the long-awaited show.

But what exactly is the show about? We’ve got your answers right here.

Cavo Crown consists of three stages (hosted by the charming Kianna Rodriguez and Nicholas Seretis): the talent section, the outfit section, and finally the trivia section. Senior contestants Billy Bollbach, Olivia Piserchia, Thomas Benkovic, Jake Falotico, Colin Patterman, Martin Coombes and Christopher Kersul all competed to be the one to earn the sought-after crown that signifies the winner of the event.

In the talent section of the show, the contenders all worked hard to demonstrate what special talent set them apart from the crowd. From Billy and Olivia’s dreamy piano and vocal performance, to the romantic woes of Jake and Colin’s retelling of Romeo and Juliet, there was no shortage of tears in the audience’s eyes- be that from their emotional movement, or their nonstop laughter. Of course, we’re not forgetting to mention Martin and Chris’ intense performance of “Party in the U.S.A.,” and Thomas’ (hereon referred to as Mr. Banks) variety of skills to be put on display- those were both uproarious in their own rights.

Contestants Colin and Jake in their recreation of Romeo and Juliet

The fashion section of the show was each contestant’s chance to show off their Cavalier-related merchandise and flaunt their EHS pride. The judges were all set to decide which person was decked out the hardest, and believe me, it was a tough choice.

Finally, came the trivia section. With surprise contestant Ms. Murphy brought to the stage, contestants were quizzed on how well they knew the school they were attending (and working at). This was likely the most challenging part of the show, as these questions were not easy. The date of the foundation of the school, which natural disasters lead to closure, and what new teachers were employed this year were just a few of the quizzical questions presented to the contenders.

Mr. Banks accepting his award alongside his backup performers

Altogether, despite the fierce competition presented by each individual participating in the show, there could only be one true winner, and that title ended up going to contestant Thomas Benkovic, A.K.A. Mr. Banks.

In the words of sophomore Amelia Teigen, “I think it was a very enriching experience to see the talents of people that I never expected to have said talents. I never expected Banks to be able to juggle!” she also added that, “I also thought it was hilarious, and I really enjoyed the time that I spent there. It was nice to see our seniors doing something like this. The last one I saw in seventh grade, and it was really nice to see it again.”

“I’ve never seen the show before, since I don’t go to this school, but I really liked it!” says outsider Patrick Keeble, “It was a very good first impression.”

We at The Cavo Chronicles would like to wish Mr. Banks our wholehearted congratulations for winning the event, and our absolute recommendation for all students to attend next year’s show. You’d be missing out if you didn’t see it!