Taylor Swift Wows The Music Industry Once Again

Ava Sudano, Writer

“Meet me at midnight.” That is how Taylor Swift concluded her acceptance speech for video of the year on August 28th, at the MTV Video Music Awards. During the speech, Taylor had announced that she was planning on releasing a new album this year that would be titled, “Midnights” and ironically enough, it would be released at midnight two months later. 

On October 21st, Taylor Swift fulfilled the wishes of her fans by releasing her highly anticipated album, “Midnights”. Needless to say, this would be Swift’s tenth album. The album consists of 13 tracks as well as a collaboration with Lana Del Rey. 

When discussing the inspiration for the album, Taylor explained that the tracks represent the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life. Each track reflects on a different aspect she has hated or not been able to accept about herself. In order to portray these feelings, Swift used many eccentric yet pleasing sounds. Moreover, the lyrics are heartful, insightful, and of course well written. 

One of the most popular among the album is “Anti-Hero”. This song revolves around Swift’s struggles with becoming famous at such a young age along with other insecurities. Throughout the song, Swift describes herself as the “problem” as she sings, “I’ll stare directly at the sun / But never in the mirror / It must be exhausting rooting for the anti-hero,”. This suggests that she is able to endure almost anything that comes her way, besides coming to terms with her own problems. Understanding this, the song is very relatable and captivating for teenage listeners. Taylor has once again slayed the music industry. 

Still, there are many long-term fans who are not too fond of the new, unique sounds that Taylor has experimented with throughout these tracks. They believe that her lyrics do not match the style and vibe she had originally promoted as an artist. These fake fans just cannot accept the fact that Taylor is growing and flourishing as an artist. In doing so, her so-called “indie or country vibe” has changed and become more pop-based.

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is an icon with phenomenal music. This past week, Swift has even made music history as her Midnights album has taken over the Billboard Top 10. So, just when you thought Taylor Swift could not get any better, she switched genres and wowed everyone, even the haters.