Gubernatorial Election Arriving on the Horizon


Gabriel Molina, Writer

The time has come for elections and now voters have to choose their next governor within their state. This year’s gubernatorial elections will take place in thirty-six states and three territories. Thirty-one incumbent governors are eligible to run for re-election and eight governors not eligible or not seeking reelection. The General Election date will take place on November 8, 2022.

The gubernatorial election focuses on the election of state governors. Each and every state has the people elect the governor in a statewide election. When a governor’s term has expired, he or she can run again for re-election but could face opponents from his or her own political party. This type of election is called a primary.

Voters across the state register with one party or another then cast their vote for the candidate who will run as a Republican, Democrat or an Independent. The winner of the primary will go on to face the primary winner from other parties in the general election.

As of right now Democrats’ most vulnerable governorship is in Kansas where governor Laura Kelly defied the odds four years ago to take control in Topeka. Republicans plan to target Democratic incumbents in Wisconsin, Nevada, Maine, Michigan and New Mexico along with open seats in Oregon and Pennsylvania.

Democrats do two opportunities at hand which are Massachusetts and Maryland where popular GOP incumbents are leaving office. Also, they plan on pursuing open governorships in Arizona and Georgia.

Potential governors will continue to run their campaigns, make their voice heard, and battle their opponents. But on November 8, 2022 it will end and voters will finally be able to elect their next governors for their states.