The Cavo Car Community

Jake Sanchez and Ashton El-Ansari

The average person is in one almost every day. Our whole nation uses them for transportation, but there are some people who enjoy them more than others. The Cavo Car community is very passionate about cars. Many people just see cars as vehicles that can take them to their destinations.  To us, they are so much more than that.

The Cavo Car Community is full of diversity. We have some of the most expensive cars, and some of the cheapest. We also have passionate car enthusiasts and casual car enjoyers.

For the community, cars are so much more than just a vehicle to take you places. They are like art that can be displayed in many different ways. Some people want their cars to sound a certain way, others want their cars to look a certain way, and still others want their cars to drive a certain way. Cars are like art, and many people have different tastes and types when they decide what they like and what they don’t. 

Inside the Cavo Car Community, there is a diverse selection of individuals who each have formulated their own opinions on all aspects of cars and car ownership. While our community is young, the majority of us have dedicated countless time and resources to increase our knowledge. 

We interviewed some of the Cavo Car Community members to hear their opinion on certain car topics.

Micheal Nakat has the most expensive car in the lot, a 2022 Toyota Supra. Michael says, “When I was younger I used to play a lot of video games, and the cars in those games really interested me, and that expanded with me as I grew up.” Michael’s favorite thing about his car is, as he says, “The feeling I get while driving it, the way it makes me feel.”

Sebastian J. likes that his car is good on gas. He is a firm believer that “everyone should be included no matter what car they drive.” When it comes to his favorite maker, Koenigsegg takes the cake since they are “always at the top of their game.”

Many people agreed that something that every car enthusiast should know: no matter what make or model it is, you should enjoy your car.