Student IDs: Here’s What Students Think


Photo by C. Princing

Charlie Princing, Journalist

What is up with this whole school-ID thing? It’s actually a lot less complicated than people might think.

All students have to do is use their own individual student IDs (given to every student during their subsequent class meeting) to sign into the school building every day. This also includes signing out for seniors who would be leaving during lunch, and signing back in upon their return.

Worried about losing that easy-to-miss little card? No worries! The school has also partnered with a smartphone app called “Minga” that allows students to view and scan their IDs right from their phones! The Minga interface is easy to navigate, with a home page and personal feed included. All you have to do to access your ID is click on the “Student Tools” icon on the bottom  left of your screen, then click “Student ID,” and boom! There’s your ID, ripe and ready for scannage.

“Students have already gotten very efficient when it comes to scanning in as they arrive at school each morning.  This live time attendance gives us an accurate record of who is in the building at all times and it even helps parents know that their child has arrived safely and is accounted for,” says Supervisor of Instruction, Mr. Ponchak.

It’s as simple as holding up the barcode listed under your ID up to the scanners every single morning. But is that sentiment really shared among the students? Let’s see.

“I think it’s not really that big of a deal. It takes, like, a few seconds to beep yourself in and then you go on with your day,” senior Katelyn DeMarco reports.

Senior Daniella Machinski quips, “It kinda created a traffic wave in the morning. It’s just annoying that I have to remember to do it.”

“I wish they had brought it in sooner, like freshman year. Like, I just wish our school was way more ahead of safety precautions compared to other schools that have had this protocol for years,” says senior Nataly Sergave.

“They’re fine. I feel like it doesn’t matter,” senior Ava Sudano remarks.

Either way, student IDs are here to stay, and while the public reception may be mixed, we at The Cavo Chronicles will be here to help you figure out how to navigate this new school year!