May Mayhem

Jamie Falotico and Gianna Sassi

As the month of May rages on, Senior Assassin has started ramping up at EHS. Seniors use water guns to eliminate other players and they aim to be the last one standing. Each participant pays $5 to participate, and the pool is the prize.  The game has a few simple rules: swim or ski goggles must be on seniors’ heads in order to be safe, they must get a video of the elimination and send it to the officials, work and sports do not count, and the last person standing wins the money. Easy, right? Wrong. 

This game comes with a twist. Every couple of days there is a purge hour to move the game along. This means that goggles do not grant immunity and when the officials send the alert, seniors go sprinting for safety.

Seniors, Joya Mattera and Anthony Sturm, know better than anyone that the game takes twists and turns. Both have been eliminated from the game since it started on May 3rd, and both had been killed by good friends. 

“I got out during the purge. It was a long working shift and I just wanted to go home because I was tired and all of a sudden there [Landon Frank] was and he shot me dead,” said Mattera. 

Sturm was another player who was killed by his good friend, Kristen Morgan, and was also betrayed by Mr. Compagnone. He was not happy with how he was set up.

“I had to go to his [Mr. Compagnone] car to get something and my goggles were off cause I got told to take off my goggles prior to going outside and I forgot to put them back on. Next thing I know, Kristen’s behind the car and she comes over and shoots me. Now I’m out of the game,” Sturm explains. 

When asked why he did not remember to put his goggles back on, he was speechless and distraught.

On the other end of the stick, Kristen Morgan was proud about her kill.

“When I first found out who my first target was for senior assassin, I thought it was very funny that it was my friend, Anthony Sturm. I wanted to get him out and I did, and it was, in fact, very funny, ” said Morgan. 

Friendships become rivalries during senior assassin. Nothing will stop these senior students from being victorious by the summer. When the game begins to slow down, the officials, Madeline Diaz, Patricia Baran, and Angela Ding, make sure to keep it new and exciting. 

In order to keep the game going, there have been new variations for hours or even for the day. There has been a day that there was a free for all, but goggles still were immunity. There was also a time period where there was free for all purge, which meant that anyone could get anyone who was still in the game and goggles did not matter. 

As of June 7th, there are 14 players still in the game – but not for long! Who will be the last senior standing?