A Lesson in Gratitude

Amelia Teigen, Writer

During Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs from May 2nd to May 6th this year, we honor our teachers’ dedication to enriching and shaping our lives. Teachers use their passion, energy, and skills for education to ensure we will sail through our high school experience smoothly.

Most students don’t even know that it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers are definitely aware of this. In fact, when asked if she thought her students knew about this week, Mrs. Norato simply responded, “No”.  Sadly, several other teachers were in agreement with her.

But we asked around anyway, and some of our students told us that they appreciate their teachers year-round, whether or not there’s an official week for it. Freshman Gabriel Molina stated that he, “appreciates all their hard work and dedication for their students”.  He’s not alone.

The upperclassmen also had kind words, but Junior Charlie Princing said it best, “Teachers are basically the foundation of everyone. Everyone gets taught by a teacher at some point, like parents, mentors. It’s unfortunate that the actual licensed teachers are the least appreciated”.

Mr. Ponchak eagerly added, “I so appreciate what they do each and every day. They put in so much more time than just the hours of school, and I’m just so proud of all the work they put in for the students”.

Students, take a little time out of your week to tell a teacher how much you appreciate them!  A little encouragement can motivate them, and make their day brighter.  Isn’t that what they’ve been teaching us all along?