March Madness

Joe Mancino, Contributor

When March rolls around, most students think to themselves this is going to be the longest month of the year. But that is where they are wrong because once March rolls around, so does one of the most-watched sporting event tournaments of the year –  March Madness. 


March Madness is when the best college basketball teams all around the country compete. It consists of 64 teams, and if you lose once you’re out. So even one slip up can cost you the whole tournament, and then you will have to wait for the year after.  This event is always so exciting because it’s a bunch of young guys putting their blood, sweat, and tears on that court to win this event. 


This year’s tournament just came to an end very recently, and every step of the way was eventful – especially likel Saint Peters making a really deep run as a 15 seed. They were the first 15 seed ever to make the final 8 teams, which is an accomplishment in itself for them. 


They beat the likes of Kentucky, a 2nd seed, Purdue, a 3rd seed, and Murray State, a 9th seed. But when it came down to the end, the final two teams, only the University of North Carolina and Kansas were left. This game was played on the 4th of April, and oh boy was it amazing. 


At a point in the first half, Kansas was trailing by 16 points – the most in a championship game ever. But that did not stop them; they were able to rally in the second half to make it a tied game. With a few seconds left, Kansas was up by 3, and UNC had a chance to tie but missed giving Kansas the win. This was the biggest comeback in NCAA championship history, which is absolutely insane. This made Kansas the 2022 NCAA March Madness Champions. 


Now that it is all over, all the teams hang up their shoes and prepare for next year. What a March Madness it was!