National Honor Society Mural Update

By Brooke DeSantis


The National Art Society has been continuing to work hard on the PRIDE Mural in the hallway. 

Each NAHS member needed at least seven art related service hours not including the mural. Each member helped out a person or organization in the community in an artistic way. 

The advisors, Ms. Johansen and Ms. Rojas, came up with a new process to get the mural done. Each mural space needed the pencil sketch completed by Friday, February 11th, the hue painted on the mural space by Friday, February 25th, the tints painted by Wednesday, March 9th, and the shades painted by Wednesday, March 23rd. The triangles are filled with alternating colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple varied across the different sized triangles in the mural. There is a triangle for every member to paint with their assigned color. Each member had to come up with a different design for their specific color, transfer the sketch, and then start painting. 

All of the sketches and painting have been coming along onto the mural space, and it is starting to fill the hallway with vibrant colors with the blends of different shades, hues, and tints on each color of the mural. 

The mural will be finished by spring break with welcoming words about PRIDE and acceptance. The National Art Honor Society induction ceremony will be in mid May!