Boys’ Basketball – A Great Season!


Joe Mancino, Contributor

The Emerson Boys’ Basketball Team has had a pretty good start to the season going over 500 and beating teams like Cresskill, Park Ridge, and Bogota. With the boys’ impressive start, they were able to have the honor of competing in the Jamboree which is like Counties for boys’ basketball. This is the first time they were asked to compete in this event in multiple years. It’s definitely something to be very proud of.

The team consists of three seniors – Thomas Trimble, Thomas Gibbard, and Khalid Itani, two juniors  – Thomas Benkovic, and Thomas Maciera, and four sophomores –  Jared Scharf, Jeremey Lachman, Michael Dillon, and Jason Ziemba. These guys are very special. They all show hard work and dedication, and they all share the common goal of winning.

Definitely their most memorable moment of the season so far was that magical win against Park Ridge. It was back and forth all game, and it came down to Emerson being down by 2 with just a few seconds left on the clock. Emerson’s ball, Khalid Itani, inbounding, was able to find an open, and  Jason Ziemba went for a deep 3. When the ball hit his hands, he shot it without hesitation, and it ended up being nothing but net, and the team ended up winning by one point. Every Emerson parent there erupted with cheers and applause, and just went insane. It was an outstanding shot by the young sophomore.

Overall, it’s been a great season so far, the boys look to make an incredible run in States, and they plan to keep winning. If you’re an Emerson fan, and you can make a game, you have to go.  These boys always put on a show no matter what. GO CAVOS!