Blast from the Past – 1990s Time Capsule


Amelia Teigen

After 30 years, the Student Council opened the school’s time capsule on January 19th, 2022. All of the students stood around the big black trunk on the table, just waiting for Mrs. Biondo to open it. The capsule was originally supposed to be opened in 2001, but was forgotten about and recently discovered during construction.

From magazines to VHS tapes to war propaganda, EHS’s 1991 Time Capsule is filled to the brim with very interesting items.

Here are some notable mentions:

  1. A Twinkie in its plastic wrapping – It is black and furry. (I guess they don’t last forever.) 
  2. An issue of Seventeen magazine from April 1991 
  3. A tube of green Mood Lipstick – It’s supposed to change color based on your mood!
  4. A Dr. Mario video game box 
  5. A pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slippers
  6. A 1991 calendar
  7. A “Support Our Armed Forces Banner” – Banners were placed everywhere to support the American troops in The Gulf War.
  8. An ad for a $1700 computer
  9. Yo! MTV Raps trading cards
  10. The Game of Emerson, New Jersey (It’s an ACTUAL board game!)

The members of the Student Council were very eager to explore the contents of the box, and they are even thinking about starting one of their own. They want to put in items that capture the early ’20s, like Covid masks, Apple products, and gift cards from popular companies.

What would you add to continue the box’s legacy?