Fascination, Distinction, & Love

Carnations sales are back and blooming this February!

Fascination, Distinction, & Love

Charlie Princing, Contributor

February: The month of love- spanning from a mother’s love for her son to a woman’s love for her partner. No matter what aspects of this feeling you are reflecting on during this time, there’s no better way to represent that culmination than through a beautiful bouquet of carnations!

Carnations can represent many feelings: fascination, distinction, love. A red carnation may symbolize pride, love, or admiration, while a white one can signify pure love.  A pink one can stand for the love of a woman, while a striped one…  Well…

This February, thanks to our very own Student Council, the multi-purpose flowers are being sold in the lobby and throughout the halls/cafeteria during activity period! They come in a variety of colors, and will be accompanied by a custom note of your choosing.

“They’re pretty cool,” offers one student regarding the purchasing of carnations.

“They’re pretty cool,” quotes yet another. “I think it’s cool.”

After taking a brief census, I was able to conclude that flowers are most certainly cool.

Where words fail, let petals prevail!  Consider buying one for only $1.00 each!

Flyer by Danielle Abad and Jarah Mazzola